Ian Knapp - Singer Songwriter : Melodic, edgy, acoustic rock.

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Singer Songwriter Ian Knapp
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Singer Songwriter Ian Knapp


stuff / links :: you may find some of this of interest...

  • Make Poverty History

  • KEXP.org - fantastic Seattle based radio station. Check out The Morning Show with John Richards. The first US radio show to pick up on "Into These Oceans".

  • Paul Dunton & Guests - twice weekly showcase of local, original, acoustic music at the Grey Lady, organised by the one and only Paul Dunton.

  • The Forum - been a big part of my musical life for a while now. Great venue.

  • Tom Brosseau - I played some shows with Tom in the US. He has one of the best voices I've heard in a long time. Plus he's a great guy.

  • Gregory Perez - excellent Seattle based photographer.

Make Poverty History - Click here to visit makepovertyhistory.org and find out more about how you can help reduce World poverty